Saturday, April 26, 2008

Second Thoughts

Seven months ago, I moved to Nashville. In those seven months, Sarah and I still have not found a church that we both love. We have found churches that one of us likes and the other one tolerates, but not one that we both love.

Moving to Nashville was a necessity. We needed to be in the thick of things as my career began to take off (we hope). I recorded an album over a 3 month time and those trips would've been miserable through the mountains of Tennessee in the winter. Plus, with doing songwriting like I am for other people, I need to be here in town.

And I'm gone. A lot. I just had a 3-week engagement come up in June that means that basically between now and the end of the year I will be home for a total of about 3 weeks. Seriously 3 weeks over an 7 month period. So, it's not like I will have many Sundays at home anyway.

But, man, I miss Seacoast.

Sarah and I were coming out of a very tough time in our lives when we found Seacoast. We fell in love with the church instantaneously and never looked back. I started leading worship within 3 weeks of being there and within 4 months, we were leading a small group...a group of people that became our best friends and accountability partners. And we left that to come up to Nashville. Because we needed to.

But second thoughts creep in. We miss our friends. We miss being involved. Life has changed so much and with the so many great things (like fulfilling a dream, making a healthy living, etc.), comes the sacrifices of leaving behind things we loved a great deal.

Returning to Greenville won't happen for a while. It can't. We bought a house, we have laid down roots, I'm getting cuts as a writer. We need to be here.

But we miss Seacoast.