Saturday, January 6, 2007

Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

Originally posted 12-28-06

Well, at this moment, I am sitting in a Swiss hotel typing on a Swiss computer. Apparently, the Swiss have a different keyboard, and a lot of stuff is out ofplace on it, so it will probably take me a lot longer than usual to type this blog, but that is no worry for you, since you aren't reading it in real time. Anyway.

A coupla days ago, we left my parents house outiside of Graf, Germany to head towards Switzerland. We decided that we could go by Weisbaden, the town in Germany that I lived in from 7-17, while only making our trip about an hour and a half longer. My dad asked if I wanted to go and said that I would love would be great to take a walk down memory lane, so to speak. We left about 7:30am and reached Weisbaden about 4 hours later. It was a nice dad and I spoke about a bunch of stuff while my wife spoke with my mom on only God knows what and my brother slept.

We reached Weisbaden and went to the little town called Erbenheim where my dad's church had been located all those years. We drove around that little town and it was a little odd to see the changes that had come. Where the church parking lot had been all growing up is now an apartment complex, which is attached to the building the church was located in. Apparently, the owner made the church into a series of apartments. Smart. Very smart. He's probably making ten times the rent we were paying back then.

From there, we went over to the Army base where I literally spent much of my formative life. I have so many mermories from Weisbaden Army Base it's not even funny. During summers, in my teens, I would spend almost every day 6, 7, 8 hours a day on base playing baseball or basketball. I remembered everything like it was yesterday. It was kind of funny as I had to direct my dada round base, as he couldn't remember where certain things were. And I didn't even drive back then.

After that, we drove over to the PX, which is the Post's where the soldiers eat, shop and shop. It's the army's version of a mall. It's pretty crappy compared to what we have in the States, but for people overseas, it is awesome to have a little taste of home. In the food court, they have Popeye's chicken and Taco Bell, as well as some AAFES restaurants. I decided on Anthony's Pizza, which is the Army's best pizza. I hadn't had it in years, and it was as tasty as I remember.

We then drove up into the mountains about 35 minutes out where I lived from the age of 8-15. It was surreal to see this little mountain village that holds so many memories for me. We drove down a little bike path that lead to the large forest that was behind our village. It was on this bike path that I left much of the skin from my left side after a horrific bike accident that nearly took my life when I was 8.

I guess this blog really has nothing for anyone else, except a little insight into me. I have a lot of memories of my childhood. A lot of them were bad. Those of you who know me well know that those memories still haunt me from time to time.

But it was great to be reminded that there were good times, interspersed with the bad.


Will said...

Awesome memories here, Chris. This will be part of your memories, section 1, right? (Chris: The Early Years)

Looking forward to getting together soon. I think we're both back in Greenville, right?

Aaron P. said...

Mmmm, good old Erbenheim. Mr. "D". The infamous PX bathroom. Oh yeah.

Anonymous said...

Didnt their used to be a Mexican Restaurant on the base?

I lived in Rudesheim which is one half hour north of Weisbaden by train.

Somehow we found out that this restaurant existed and we're able to walk right in.

In comparison we live near two marine bases in California and you cant get in any of them without permission.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, I can't believe that this is the same Chris that we knew in Erbenheim. You know I have a home video of you dressed like a punk and doing a little rap. I must say you still have the music talent. Came across your web page for the band and then we saw your AI audition. Perhaps we will actually watch past the first few auditions now that we know someone on there. We do expect autographs if you make it or if you don't too. You do have a talent and don't forget to give God the Glory what ever happens.

Now I know who Mr "D" is and I remember Aaron P. but I want to know the story of the infamouse bathroom at the PX.

Your dad has our info if you have time to drop us a line. Take is easy and don't be a stranger.

Jeff and Pamela B.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the Elrod's from Germany! They were such a cool family huh?? :- As you can of them speaking. :-)Heard you were on TV, haven't had a chance to watch though...sorry...but sparked my interest to get the scoop so I googled your name. :-)Pretty great moving along there.

Anonymous said...

I knew it was you the minute I saw you on AI. We went to your parents church in Erbenheim 88-91. We are hoping you will go far with your music.
God Bless,
Derald & Tammy Rutherford

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris. I'm not worried about your future. With a mind and a spirit like will soar.

YOU will be remembered.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure it was you when I saw the name on Yahoo! But when I looked at your face, I knew. (Boy, I see your mom in you.) :) We enjoy thinking back on our time there with you and your family in Germany. It saddens me to hear that you have many bad memories. I so enjoyed taking you and Jon on little trips. Well, take care and stay with God. ;)

One of your teachers who remembers you fondly--
Mrs. (Miss Monica) Diorio

Please greet your family for us.

telicaj said...

Chris -
This blog made me smile! I can still picture Weisbaden Army Base in great detail. Also, your dad's church - where I spent countless hours as a child. Do you remember the blackberry bushes?